I got an unhappy email from a client today. No one could purchase products on his website. They couldn’t get to the check out page. No matter what you did you were stuck on the products page. Hitting the checkout button took you to the proper URL, but the plugin still loaded the same content from the products page.

He didn’t update or change anything on his site and neither did I. So I was pretty surprised by his email.

Turns out it was pretty simple fix with permalinks. Just go to Settings > Permalinks. Choose Custom Structure and use /%category%/%postname%/ .


I found the guy in this video kind of annoying, so I wrote out the nine facts that were actually interesting with sources below the video so you don’t have to watch it.

1. Beer dates back to at least 3,500 BCE. The earliest know chemical evidence of beer comes from the Godin Tepe site in western Iran.

2. The first professional brewers were women. (1) (2)

3. Hops and marijuana are plant cousins. Hops and marijuana are both part of the Cannabaceae family of flowering plants. Here is an interesting article from BeerSci on the connection between hops and marijuana.

4. Pale lagers are the most popular type of beer. Budwieser and Coors are examples of pale lagers. Snow, a lager from China, is the most popular beer in the world.

5. Pilsner is names after the city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic, where it was first produced in 1842.

6. India Pale Ale was not invented in India. It was invented in England so the East India Company could have beer survive the long trip to India.

7. The White House brews its own beer. Here are the recipes for White House Honey Ale and Honey Porter.

8. On October 14, 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed H.R. 1337, which contained an amendment that created an exemption from taxation of beer brewed at home for personal use. This exemption went into effect on February 1, 1979, making homebrewing legal on a federal level in the U.S.

9. Light makes your beer go skunky. (1)